Integrate Employee Scheduling Software with QuickBooks to Save Hours of Work Each Week

There’s a funny thing about small business. You have to pay your employees and then get paid by your clients in order to be successful and stay afloat (who knew, right?). To do so, this requires generating invoices for clients and creating paychecks for employees on a weekly or biweekly basis.

This process can be tedious, repetitive and never-ending. However, we’ve come a long way from the pre-computer dinosaur ages (which really weren’t that long ago). The majority of small business owners use bookkeeping software, such as QuickBooks, to accomplish this arduous task. While this is a better alternative than pen and paper (or stone tablets), QuickBooks still relies on manual data entry, and that’s no fun. Manually generating up to 70 invoices and 50 paychecks requires a major time investment. Plus, this task has a high risk for human error.
To avoid PEBCAK (the highly sophisticated tech diagnosis, “Problem Existing Between Chair And Computer”), select an employee scheduling software that integrates with a bookkeeping software which allows for full automation of this less-than-favorable task.

TimeCurve Scheduler integrates with QuickBooks to save valuable time and money. The TimeCurve QuickBooks Utility software installs on any Windows PC computer and syncs data between QuickBooks and the user’s online TimeCurve account. This feature enables users to quickly export clients and employees from QuickBooks into their account. It also can import invoices for clients and timesheets for employees into QuickBooks from TimeCurve.

Small business owners or scheduling managers spend a bulk of their time creating invoices and managing payroll. By integrating scheduling and payroll software, these processes are merged, saving an average of 5 to 30 hours of labor per week/month/pay period or more.

This feature is ideal for businesses that have many employees with varying schedules and shifts, such as home health agencies, grocery stores or pet sitting operations. The natural chaos involved in scheduling for these businesses is headache-inducing on its own, but manually tracking timesheets, hours and client payments is the recipe for a perfect storm. When TimeCurve and QuickBooks functionalities are merged, the risk for human error is reduced and time is freed to focus on other business objectives.

This feature is a win-win and TimeCurve Scheduler is one of the few employee scheduling software platforms to offer this highly useful feature. To learn more, schedule a demo or a free 30-day trial as early as today.


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