Employee Scheduling Software Helps Your Company Go Paperless

Eliminating paper waste from your office is the easiest way to go green at work. Fortunately, employee scheduling software is a quick and easy way to reduce paper use, as well as streamline your office processes. It’s a win for your business and a win for the environment! Here are four ways going paperless can benefit your business:

1. Stay organized.
In a paperless office, there’s less mess. The stack of old schedules, timesheets and payroll forms will instantly vanish when your company switches to an electronic employee scheduling system. Everything is digital, so there’s no need maintain paper records.

2. Increased productivity and efficiency.
Paper slows us down, which is a problem because time is money! Not only can an employee scheduling software system help you stay organized by maintaining digital files instead of paper, the platform automates routine scheduling and billing. Say goodbye to writing handwritten schedules and the never-ending payroll cycle.

3. Improve security.
A filing cabinet may be fireproof and lockable, but its security doesn’t compare to a secure cloud-based system. TimeCurve Software features automatic data backups, secured transactions and encrypted passwords for maximum safety.

4. Less room for errors.
With paper, it’s easy to misplace an important form or misread sloppy handwriting. Plus, with the advanced security features, data is continually backed up, so you don’t have to worry about files accidentally ending up in the trash.

5. Less maintenance.
When relying on paper and hard copies, there are a million things to maintain and fix: broken printers, empty ink cartridges, bum copy machines, refill the paper. It’s an endless cycle. With an employee scheduling system, everything you need is in one place—the computer. Plus, as a cloud-based system, the scheduling system is accessible on any computer with an internet connection, so there’s no need to install software on another computer.

6. Environmentally friendly.
Relying on a cloud-based employee scheduling system is a smart business move, but as an added bonus, it helps to reduce your carbon footprint. With less paper, you’re creating less waste that in turn burdens the earth, as well as your business.

Learn more about TimeCurve Employee Scheduling Software


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