Web-based or Desktop: Which is Better for Employee Scheduling Software?

As the name suggests, cloud-based employee scheduling relies on the cloud—an online-based, remote server—to store its applications and files. Stand-alone desktop software, on the other hand, requires downloading the files and storing them on a computer’s hardware. Both options have their place in the computing world, but in these technologically advanced times, one reigns supreme, and that’s the cloud-based alternative. Here’s why:

  • A web browser is all you need. Really! That’s it. Online-based applications don’t need any special software that then has to be installed on a computer. Simply access the cloud-based portal, and you’re ready to start scheduling.
  • Designed for multiple users. Online- or cloud-based apps are designed to accommodate multiple users. There’s no need to install the platform on multiple computers. Since it’s accessible with a web browser anyone can log in to the system with their personal username and password.
  • Structured for remote use. Similarly, cloud-based scheduling software allows manager to access the program from home or work (or anywhere else for that matter). A stand-alone desktop application tethers its users to a specific computer, which drastically limits its flexibility and functionality.
  • Increase security. TimeCurve Software uses Amazon Web Services for hosting. The cloud-based hosting platform is one of the most respected in the industry. With secured transactions, encrypted passwords and automatic data updates, business owners can work in confidence knowing that valuable and confidential data is protected.
  • Reliable service. Even with low bandwidth, cloud-based computing offers a reliable and fast service, especially when using a respected platform, such as Amazon Web Services.
  • Flexible and agile. Cloud-based services are easy to implement and can be quickly updated when necessary. Plus, since the cloud can be used remotely, this platform works on all operating systems including Windows and Mac.


Want to learn more about cloud-based scheduling software? Let us know!


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