How to Choose the Secure, Cloud-based Scheduling Software

TimeCurve Software uses cloud-based applications, as a opposed to desktop applications, for its employee scheduling software. This technology has become increasingly prevalent in the last decade, as it offers many benefits for its users. But first, let’s get acquainted with the cloud and its capabilities:

What is the Cloud?

The cloud is network of remote servers used for storing files or accessing applications. In the simplest terms, the cloud is the internet. Though not everyone is familiar with the cloud and its terminology, it’s likely that you’ve used it. If you’ve ever checked your email, used Facebook, saved a file to Dropbox, watched a movie on Netflix, listened to a song on Pandora, or accessed Google Docs, then you’ve used the cloud.

Benefits of the Cloud

Historically, files that you wanted to save required a physical piece of hardware, such as a CD or a floppy disc (remember those?). Likewise, if you wanted a new program on your computer, it required installing it via hardware. These days, desktop applications are less common as web apps (cloud-based programs) are becoming the norm. TimeCurve Software, for example, uses cloud computing to house its programming remotely. There’s no need to install the program or save important files to your computer when using the application; everything is stored remotely for easy access and improved security.

Choose a Well-Known and Respected Cloud System

When selecting web-based employee scheduling software, it’s recommended to pay attention to where the software is deployed and select the one that is deployed to a cloud system with a strong reputation. For example, Amazon Web Services is a leader in the industry and offers highest-levels of security for web based software solutions. Amazon Web Services isn’t the only game in town, but it’s important to research its features and understand how other cloud systems will integrate with your business.

Avoid a Do-It-Yourself Scenario

Whatever you do, don’t try to build your own cloud system when integrating employee scheduling software into your business. The setup is complex and requires a multitude of resources, so it’s best to go with something that’s tried and true. If something goes amiss in the development, important business files and client data could be breached. It’s not worth the risk.

Have questions about using cloud-technology for employee scheduling software? Contact TimeCurve Software or sign up for a free demo today!


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