Introducing new features for TimeCurve Scheduler

We are pleased to announce two exciting new features to help you manage your daily operations. First we’ve added the ability to place addresses on the map in order to help you find the closest employee to the client. The second great feature we are introducing today is ability to set a maximum number of weekly hours for the client.

Find closest employee to your client by placing their addresses on the map.

TimeCurve Scheduler now offers you an option to quickly map your available employees on the map in order to identify the closest employee to your client. Employee addresses are represented on the map by a red pin, while the client’s location will show as a blue pin. You can click on a pin to open a small popup with details showing the name and the address.

Mapping addresses is simple.

When you click on Assign button to display the list of available employees, you will notice a new button called “Map” in the upper right corner. Click on it and TimeCurve will open a new page with a map of addresses.

Set a limit of weekly scheduled hours for clients.

Are you servicing a client that has a hard limit of weekly hours that you can bill for? TimeCurve Scheduler now supports an option of setting a maximum weekly allowed hours for a client. In order to set the limit open Clients->Jobs & Schedules Tab as illustrated in the screen shot below.

TimeCurve warns if client maximum hours are exceeded.

Once the maximum weekly limit is set for a client, TimeCurve will warn you if scheduled hours for the client exceed the limit. Schedules that go over the weekly hours limit will be displayed in pale pink color and are easy to identify by placing your mouse over the schedule cell.

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Stay tuned for more great releases in the next couple weeks. Have a wonderful week!

TimeCurve Software In Wheeling IL Offers Easy To Use Online Employee Scheduling Solutions

TimeCurve Software Inc. ( offers top quality software for tracking employee work schedules. After a decade of developing and implementing software products, clients are pleased with the reliable and highly available system deployed in the Amazon Cloud environment.

PRESS RELEASE: Wheeling IL, 25-NOVEMBER-2013 – TimeCurve Software Inc is pleased to announce that a free trial of the reliable online Wheeling IL employee scheduling software is available to small and mid-size businesses. The use of such software is particularly applicable to home care agencies, pet sitting businesses, cleaning services and HVAC technicians. Any business that must schedule employees in various locations and times would benefit by the software.

According to a representative of the Wheeling IL employee scheduling software firm, “TimeCurve Software is privately owned and was established in 2002. We released our first employee scheduling software for Windows PC’s in August 2003. TimeCurve Scheduler for desktops was a highly rated, successful product used by hundreds of small to mid-size businesses across the globe. Our current line of products also includes an online version of TimeCurve Scheduler designed from the ground up and based on a decade of experience.”

“The mission of TimeCurve” he continues, “is to help various businesses to cut operating costs and improve efficiency of their staff scheduling process. Our talent, technical expertise, and understanding of tough scheduling requirements that many businesses have makes us a preferred scheduling software vendor for a wide variety of institutions.”

Many functions are possible by using the capabilities of the software. Users can create complex schedules, track conflicts and unassigned jobs and check employee availability, as well as track overtime hours. The software is fully integrated with Quickbooks and will also provide attribute matching between clients and employees. The product can set up and utilize multiple, role-based user accounts. Other features can provide easy check in and reporting functions.

Learn more about TimeCurve Software and its online employee time scheduling software by visiting the web pages at today. Members of the press and others with further questions about the contents of this press release are encouraged to contact the company at the location provided below.

Company Name: TimeCurve Software Inc.

Address: 1040 S. Milwaukee Avenue, Suite 200, Wheeling, IL 60090

Contact Telephone Number: ((847) 979-9143



Looking for the best “employee scheduling software” around?

Check out TimeCurve Scheduler, the premier name in web-based labor tracking and employee scheduling. TimeCurve Scheduler is available for no obligation 30 day trial.

If you are looking for the very best “employee scheduling software” online, you will tend to find only a handful that can really boast of features that are really relevant and practical for your business needs. TimeCurve Scheduler is definitely one of those few online tools you can depend on. In fact, a lot of business owners in the US have touted this Chicago area scheduling software company as the premier name in web-based employee tracking and scheduling.

TimeCurve Scheduler offers “employee scheduling software” practically for any industry that needs it. For instance, if your business services clients at different times and locations TimeCurve Scheduler will fit right in. Home Care and Home Health Agencies, Cleaning and Pet Sitting services, private academic and music teachers are just a few examples of businesses that would find TimeCurve Scheduler to be an indispensable tool.

The online “employee scheduling software” that TimeCurve Scheduler offers, offers many features that its other competitors lack. For instance, the manpower scheduling software allows owners, supervisors, or HR managers to set skill-based work schedules pretty much on the fly by setting up common attributes between clients and employees. The software is also designed to be a set it and forget it type of system thanks to its poweful scheduling engine that can handle recurring schedule easily. TimeCurve Scheduler also offers seamless integration with QuickBooks Accounting software and allows to fully automate tedious tasks of client invoicing and employee payroll.

The great advantage of TimeCurve Software’s “employee scheduling software” is that it is all web-based. There is no download or installation required. Everything can be accessed online via the web. This means that any owner, supervisor, or HR manager can schedule shifts and keep tabs on their workers real-time, anytime.

Small business owners and online entrepreneurs will be happy to know that TimeCurve Scheduler offers flexible subscription service where you design the package that fits your needs and only pay for resources that you need now. TimeCurve Scheduler is designed to grow with your business and you can add additional resources to your package at any time. TimeCurve Scheduler is available for as low as $12.50 a month. And should you be unsure as to how this scheduling software can fit into your existing labor scheduling system, rest in the fact that you can actually try TimeCurve Scheduler for free, no strings attached.

Check out TimeCurve Scheduler’s features by visiting

Try Out TimeCurve Online Employee Scheduling Software for Free

Visit to try out the best online “employee scheduling software” around for free.

You can also call them at 847-979-9143 or email them at should you have specific questions or concerns.

Advantages of Using Employee Scheduling Software for Business

Managing a company, whether large or small is no easy task to complete. In order to be effective you will want to be aware and on top of all scheduling procedures. Because of this a lot of successful businesses are turning to new and improved resources such as employee scheduling software to help fine tune their management skills.

Online scheduling software such as the TimeCurve Scheduler can help you to develop a roster for all your current employees. Doing so will allow you to keep track of all your employees activities and manage their current working schedules more efficiently.  With employee scheduling software you do not have to be an expert either. In fact a novice or first time user will enjoy how easy and fun this online scheduling software is to use. Some of the major advantages to using an employee scheduling software program include:

  • Helping to keep track of your employee’s attendance
  • Helps to manage vacation and holiday time
  • Reduces the amount of paperwork you have.
  • Flexibility in scheduling allows you to handle part-time, full time and over time hours.
  • Helps to establish a schedule for employees efficiently
  • Allows you to manage the payment system more efficiently and effectively
  • Increase in overall management productivity
  • Employees will always have access and know when they are scheduled to work
  • Reduces human errors or mistakes
  • Lowers production costs
  • Automation provides a fair working distribution schedule
  • Safe and secure
  • Schedules can be distributed online
  • Helpful aid for management positions
  • Decreases disagreements between employees
  • Reduction in employee turnover

With this new method of handling employee’s schedules you no longer have to worry about inefficient time tracking. Older systems of employee management tend to lead to inconsistencies which often cause issues when time is scheduled on or off for employees. Because your employee scheduling software handles all the more complex features you will have more time to concentrate on other areas within your business that require your attention.

The introduction of online scheduling software can help your business function smoothly and reduce any errors in operating. With important employee information being updated in real time, you can remove all ‘unknowns’, and feel more confident that your employees always know when they are scheduled to work.

TimeCurve Scheduler is available for a 30 day no obligation trial. Please visit to learn more.

TimeCurve Announces New Feature – Daily Schedule View

Introducing new Schedule Daily View

We are excited to introduce a new way to view schedules in TimeCurve – The Daily Schedule View! This new view is accessible via a new Tab on the main schedule board screen called Daily View as well as by clicking on the date header in the weekly view. Same great functions are available to you on the new Daily View. You can create, edit and delete schedules, assign employees to unassigned shifts and more.The main Schedule Board is now split up into two distinct sections: the Weekly and the Daily View. Each view is independent of each other, and you can view schedules on Daily view for a day of one week, while viewing schedules for a completely different week on the weekly view.

TimeCurve Scheduler Daily View

Login to TimeCurve today and let us know what you think about the new Daily View.

Create Complex Employee Schedules With Easy To Use Online Software Solution

Today, there are many tools that a business can use to manage the schedules of their employees. The TimeCurve employee scheduling software has been found very effective for this task. Online programming is an efficient way to manage the workforce.

Take a moment to learn more about online services for preparing work schedules. One of the biggest reasons that these online programs are more useful than the typical scheduling systems, is that all employees have access to the information twenty four hours a day. Employees can check their work schedule through the internet.

With the ability to access their schedule, every worker is able to interact with management. This is the most effective and efficient way to plan and manage work hours. With the schedule for all workers displayed over the internet, it will be easy to see if there are any discrepancies.

There are some scheduling programs that can message employees on their cell phones. This makes it possible for folks to access their work schedule when they are away from their computer. Regardless where the staff person is, he or she can log onto the website and gather information about their schedule.

In addition, managers find the online programs very helpful when planning for the entire workforce. They can easily plan work shifts for future weeks. The software will actually track the work hours and help reduce overtime and overlapping schedules. In addition, some programs consider special staff requests and holidays.

Wheeling IL employee scheduling software can also make things easier when it comes to managing unique circumstances. For example, there might be a specific time period that will demand an increase in staff presence. This system can help plan for those times effortlessly. Another situation that comes up often is when an individual staff person has a particular request. Regardless, this type of online programming can make managing your business easier and more efficient.

Find a summary of the benefits you get when you use TimeCurve employee scheduling software and more information about the TimeCurve program at now.

Ceoworld Magazine includes TimeCurve Scheduler in top scheduling solutions list

TimeCurve Scheduler is included in Ceoworld Magazine “Top best Employee, staff Scheduling planning & Workforce Management Software Solutions”:

Click to learn more about TimeCurve Scheduler